Steelrising Classes

Steelrising is a souls-like role-playing game set in a dystopian 1789 France overrun by Automats. It's a challenging game that requires skill and practice to master. Steelrising includes a couple of classes that you can discover in this article.

Steelrising offers various difficulty levels to cater to different skill levels. In addition, it offers several accessibility options for gamers who need a little extra help. The game also offers a couple of different classes to play with. Some of these classes can be more useful than others, depending on what you’re after. Let’s go over all of the Steelrising classes in our article.

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Steelrising Character Classes List

Steelrising offers four starting classes to choose from. Each class has different playstyles and unique passive buffs. Choosing your starting class is the first step in the process of character leveling in the game. This decision will affect your starting weapon, attribute boosts, and consumables. The following are the four different classes in Steelrising:

  • Soldier: If you are looking for a class that will give you maximum damage, the Soldier class is the class for you. The Soldier is the frontline DPS unit in the game, and the player’s main objective is to deal maximum damage over a short period of time. The Soldier’s stats include serious physical damage, a high affinity, a high stamina pool, and high crit damage.
  • Bodyguard: Just like the Soldier, the Bodyguard is also a beginner-friendly class because she can take high damage from enemies and keep fighting for you. The Bodyguard has the highest hp and armor among all the other classes. 
  • Dancer: A fast class with great endurance and fast-paced combat, the Dancer is also good for chaining attacks. The Dancer can also block and use their Fans to deliver retaliatory attacks. They are geared to fill the critical hit meter and can stun opponents.
  • Alchemist:  The Alchemist is another tactical class that is good for dealing with both physical and elemental damage. The Alchemist focuses on Engineering and Elemental Alchemy.
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Steelrising Starting Classes

While the game offers several classes, the Soldier is the easiest for beginners to learn. The soldier’s first weapon is a halberd, which can deal much damage. This weapon also has a long range, making it ideal for knocking down weak enemies.

The Tank class has the most health overall and is a good choice for tanking, but the Soldier class is more balanced and can use heavy weapons. The soldier’s ranged attacks and tanking skills are great for various play styles.

The Dancer is another beginner-friendly class since she can move incredibly fast and chain-blade fans into devastating combos. In addition to this, she can also defend herself from enemy attacks.

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