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Souls of Chronos is a new role-playing game from FUTU Studio and Astrolabe Games that follows the story of a boy named Sid and a girl called Tori. Check out the article if there's any romance in Souls of Chronos.

Souls of Chronos is an indie RPG that borrows heavily from tabletop RPGs. It has isometric dungeon crawling, battle mechanics, and plenty of dialogue options to influence your character’s direction. It also has a lot of intertwining themes like poverty and injustice that don’t feel cliche or recycled. 

The story centers around Sid and his companion Torii. The two of them are linked by a mysterious Chrono Pact that allows them to manipulate time to their advantage. The two of them work together in the midst of civil unrest and a strange crime that reveals the future of their town, Astella, being at stake.

While there are a few minor romances in the game, these don’t greatly impact the overall story. They aren’t enough to get the ball rolling, and the main story is often too slow-moving. Souls of Chronos presents you with some cool characters who also indulge in romance and celebrate friendship, apart from locking horns with some not-so-cool enemies in deadly combats.

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Character Relationships in Souls of Chronos

You meet several side characters during your adventures in Souls of Chronos that are great additions to the game’s world, but they’re not given as much screen time as they deserve. This makes their stories feel a bit hollow, and it’s a shame that the developers don’t give them more of an opportunity to show off their wits.

This is especially true of the characters you meet at the start of the game, who are quickly introduced and don’t have a lot of background information to help explain their actions. It’s a shame that this is a major part of the game’s story because they have a lot of potentials to be fantastic assets to the plot.

Luckily, there are a few lore entries that you can read in the pause menu, and you can learn more about the characters and their backstories. It’s a small touch, but it helps make the game’s premise a little more cohesive and enjoyable.

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