SAGHALA Offers A Futuristic Si-Fi Experience

SAGHALA is one of the choose your own adventure games that is still under development. The game was funded on Kickstarter, then the foundation was canceled on May 16. Nevertheless, we still expect the game to be released in 2023. This futuristic game takes place in the far future when the Earth is known as Saghala now. There are no more countries or civilizations, but only four factions fighting to control Saghala.

The game is being developed by KovalGames, a solo indie developer. A demo version of the game is available on Steam. You can check the official Steam page and download the demo version to try the game. We believe this interactive fiction will amaze you with its role-playing elements.

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SAGHALA Demo Review

According to the story, you are living in 2081, and 60 years ago from that date, a nuclear war wiped out everything that mankind built. Only five years after the nuclear war, coronal mass ejections and solar flares of the sun wiped out all kinds of electronics, and mankind was left hopeless.

During this chaos, humanity was divided into four factions, and everyone had to choose their side. Now, these four factions are fighting with each other to control Saghala and the Core. At the beginning of the game, players will choose their hero and embark on an adventure to face plenty of challenges that will try to stop them.

Your main goal is to find and repair the core, which is the last underground fusion reactor left on the planet. Of course, you are going to make plenty of choices that can affect your overall progress towards your goal and overcome plenty of challenges. You will have your own settlement, which you need to expand while exploring the world. In addition to this, players will train armies to increase their odds of finding the reactor and beating other players who have the same purpose.

During your gameplay, players will find new settlements and explore continents and undergrounds. Besides improving and developing your own settlement, you also need to produce resources, trade goods, craft new battle cards, and find new artifacts and equipment.

Basically, you will be focusing on your own hero and developing his skills with main and side quests. The game offers four factions: MutantsWorshipersFlaming Skull, and Brotherhood of Atom. In addition to this, you are going to enjoy four different environmental settings during your adventure. These are greenlandswastelanddeadly plants, and underground.

The best part of Saghala is that you can manage your own settlement, which means that you are going to build new buildings and upgrade them for added benefits. Even in the demo version, there are plenty of side quests for players to enjoy as well.

The game has a day and night system as well as a day cycle. Every week your settlement will be attacked by nomads. Besides amazing role-playing elements, the combat system is built on deckbuilding. You need to craft new battle cards by using your resources to beat your opponent quickly.

Moreover, players will meet random characters, bandits, traders, and settlers during their adventure. Needless to say, they can also upgrade their weapons, items, and armor.

All in all, Saghala offers a great deck-building adventure. If you are looking for an indie game to support and wait for its release, this game could be your jam. I wrote another article about the game on Lawod. You can also read it: Saghala Review on Lawod. Don’t forget to follow IndieWod and Lawod on social media.

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