Manor Lords Preview – Total War Styled Mediaveled City Builder

Manor Lords is a medieval city-building game made by Slavic Magic that tries to bring the Middle Ages back to life. The game is also notable for its large-scale tactical battles. A new trailer shows off the game’s many features and functions. Here’s what we know about Manor Lords so far.

Manor Lords is a dazzlingly crafted medieval city builder. The developer plans to include each region’s trading system, diplomacy between lords, and development trees. Whether you are a fan of medieval strategy games or construction games or want to see what’s in store, the game will be worth a look. 

This medieval-themed city builder will transport you back to 14th-century Franconia, where you will rule as a lord and lead your army to battle. Below you can find the general features of the game:

Manor Lords UI Features

Manor Lords has a number of notable features, including:

  • An impressive-looking map with snapping paths
  • Plenty of detail and autumn-colored trees.
  • It has a third-person view, perfect for navigating the game’s many twists and turns. The developer aims to provide an organic city-building experience, so players can build anything from residential districts to industrial zones.
  • The game’s UI features several stylized icons and offers an easy-to-understand overview of the game’s main features.
  • The city building mechanic is inspired by real medieval towns. It features large unit formations and a smart AI that takes on tasks from idle workers. 
  • The graphics are solid for the era, partly due to the built environment’s attention to detail.
Manor Lords Indiewod

Manor Lords Gameplay Features

The game’s gameplay features include the following:

  • A large-scale unit formation, 
  • The ability to create a dungeon, 
  • A city-building mode that tries to replicate the look and feel of a real medieval town.
  • Players can create an avatar that sports a photorealistic look and feel with a hefty dose of bouncing fancies.
  • You also gain access to religious facilities and a wider range of food choices as you level up. 
  • You can build more defensive structures. 
  • You need to make sure your trading posts are profitable.
  • You can build up your farming operations and mining operations.

While the game looks good, there are some serious bugs. The demo only has about twenty minutes of gameplay. The first part of the game requires you to build a house. You also need to maintain a stock of food and firewood. You also need to build up your village and make it bustling.

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