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Two and a half years prior, I was drinking my morning coffee. I woke up to a beautiful day. Open my news tab and saw an article: Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020, and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021. My childhood, funs I’ve had with my friends… Yes, maybe I wasn’t a kid anymore. But the new generation? And later, all I was saying: Why are we still here? Just to suffer.

Well, those have passed. We need to move on. Not us but a game has moved onHop and Bop, an 8-bit NES-style game, is re-created to keep living not only in our memories but on screens too. Through our Submit a Game section, we have learned about Hop and Bop and Flip Industries (the developers behind the game). After all these tears, here is all:

Hop and Bop is an action platform game highly inspired by 80s legends, developed by Flip Industries. They are creating games and content as a hobby and creative outlet.

They were sorry as we were when Flash games terminated. So, they recorded the game without any 3rd Party (which means Hop and Bop is literally handmade) in JavaScript. The title was released back in June.

In the game, we woke up as Rabbit. Without any memory of how we got here or even when we became a rabbit, all we know is we must go on. Folks along the way are NOT friendly. We need to see how deep is this rabbit hole.

After a long time, playing an 8-bit game (with resolution set to 256 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall.) was nostalgic. A text saying ”PRESS TO START” and moving with direction buttons took me back many years.

In the game, you can move with left and right buttons, jump with X, run with Z, and pause/start with P. After getting used to the game’s speed (which is difficult because the floor is a bit slippy), it’s becoming more of a challenge than a chill nostalgia experience.

I thought only the feeling of the old days would make this game fun. Overall, the mechanics and visuals of Hop and Bop are almost 40 years old. After several minutes, I found myself enjoying this game a lot actually. Maybe all those years ago, developers found a limitless way of entertaining people.

As I stated, the visuals are aged. Developers kept every step of gameplay like back in the days; the game has a total of 16 colors, DB16 Palette. I am a visual person. If a game has beautiful graphics, I will play it one way or another. You can guess that I had a rough time at the begging. But I was pleased after. Maybe it’s nostalgia or the DB16 Palette they used.

I want to appreciate the soundtracks, which were made by JMF. Even if someone creates a game with gorgeous graphics and the most realistic mechanics, without a proper, tasteful, ear-pleasing soundtrack, I won’t enjoy any of it.

Lastly, the game allows the player to create their own maps. Flip Industries offers an opportunity for old-time gamers to show their creativity which can result in communities to born and reliving the 80s arcade genre.

Before finishing, Hop and Bop is still under development. But you can play Hop and Bop on the game’s official website. Everything we said might not be correct sometime in the future. Always check the official website so you won’t miss any updates.

Overall, we loved this game. Developers put their hard work into something beautiful and entertaining. As mentioned before, we must consider its purpose to rate Hop and Bop. Visuals, gameplay, soundtracks, and sincerity of Flip Industries result in 8/10 IndieWod Points.

Many thanks to Flip Industries for reaching us using our “Submit a Game” section. Developers and game fans can contact us through this section so that we can review the games they submit to us.

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