Hailing From The Abyss Review – New Exciting Pixel Art Combat-Based Rythym Game

Hailing from the Abyss is a rhythm-based game, just like the famous indie release in this genre, Friday Night Funkin'. Here is all we know about Hailing from the Abyss so far.

Two years ago, I started trying indie titles. Many big gaming companies were (and still are) using the same formula (which I didn’t enjoy). I wanted new things, fresh and exciting. For two years, I have played and reviewed many titles. They were as fresh as I hoped they would be.

Today, I am happy to introduce you to my next excitement. This is an unorthodox title made by Jiwoo Lee, who is a devoted and passionate developer. The game is called “Hailing from the Abyss” and is a rhythm-based game, just like the famous indie release in this genre, Friday Night Funkin’. Here is all we know about Hailing from the Abyss so far:

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Before getting started, as IndieWod, we would like to share our thanks to the developers. They have reached us and shared details about the game. We also got a chance to learn about their vision for the game. So, if you’re an indie game developer as well, you can contact us using Lawod’s or IndieWod’s “Submit A Game” section.  

So, what’s the story behind Hailing from the Abyss? We are playing as a red-haired beauty, Suri. A skilled warrior in close combat with a rhythmic sword. Because it’s a rhythm-based game, I don’t think the story will play a big part in Hailing from the Abyss. Although I hope it is interesting enough for me to keep playing.

I don’t expect a deep and branching story from any indie title because, for me, story writing requires a lot of time. But a consistent one with several characters will satisfy me.

Now, here is where Hailing from the Abyss excited me the most. First, I want to share my experience with and feelings about rhythm-based games. I was never a fan of rhythm-based games. I have played Guitar Hero and Friday Night Funkin’ a few times. I always play (actually, use could be a better term) them to improve my gaming reflexes. Pressing the keys just in time is really something that compels you.

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Rhythm-based games test your musical talent as well as your reflexes. The developers of these types of games usually put the specific keys you must press on specific beats. So, when you hear that specific beat, you should have to press the same key every time.

Since I don’t really have a musical ear and super fast reflexes, I am not really one of the fans of some kinds of games, as I mentioned. You might be asking, “Then why are you reviewing this game?” Just because it’s an indie title? “Well, yes, but actually no.” I am interested in the game because it’s an indie title. But I am curious about the unique mechanics of the game. From what I see, these new features can make your time enjoyable.

In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of people who love these types of games, and as we think that Hailing from the Abyss will be included among the worth-to-play rhythm-based games, we wanted to review this game and introduce it to our readers.

The game offers a store system with many items players can purchase and use during gameplay. I haven’t seen this type of feature before. So, I can’t wait to see how they adapt this system to this genre.

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Difficulty is a crucial part of a game. Hailing from the Abyss has a great difficulty, which improves the player’s skill over time. The game pushes your comfort zone just enough so you can struggle but enjoy the challenge. I have always hated the traditional difficulty changes that leave you no middle way. You either play relaxed on Normal or edge of your seat on Hard.

I know I have skipped the main details of the gameplay. But they are not as interesting as these features. I didn’t want to waste your (and my) time with “You press these buttons and need to time your moves.”

I’ll end my thoughts on combat with this last mechanic: usable or avoidable items. While ”timing your moves and pressing those buttons,” you can heal yourself if you catch the right move. There will be annoying warning signs that block your sight while slashing your enemies.

The game also has pretty good pixel art visuals and beautiful notes. While watching the trailer and gameplay footage, I was amazed by the world of Hailing From the Abyss. I am not sure why, but I have a weakness for pixel graphics. 

As a not fan of this genre, I am waiting for the day of the game’s release. The developers are ambitious. They are stating, ”we believe Hailing from the Abyss can bring joy and fun to players and effectively teach the joy of rhythm games, even to newcomers.” I guess I can count myself as a newcomer because I never intended to ”enjoy” these games.

The game will be released in November this year only on Steam for PC. As IndieWod, we highly recommend gamers add the game to their wishlist. If you haven’t played a rhythm-based game, this might be your best (and maybe most fun) chance.

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