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Ghost Song is the newest independent game to come out and promises to be a lot of fun. It also comes with a lot of downloadable content. However, the sheer number of items that you can pick up in the game is overwhelming. So here is a quick guide to the items and weapons you can find in "Ghost Song."

Ghost Song is a Metroidvania game in which the player controls a nameless protagonist. In this game, players have to find a way to deliver the parts of a ship. They will have to deal with many enemies and use special skills and dashes to reach their goals. They will also have to find NanoGel, which they can use to improve their attributes.

The main goal of Ghost Song is to obtain two ship parts. The first part is the green part. The second part is the blue part. Each part has its own specific function. You can choose to gather the parts in any order. It’s also possible to go in reverse. However, this method will not allow you to fast-travel in Ghost Song. While playing the game, you will need a number of different weapons to proceed through the game.

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All Weapons in Ghost Song

There are quite a few weapons you will find to deal with your enemies while playing the game. Here’s the full list of all weapons in Ghost Song:

  1. Magma Spear – You can find it at the top of Roslock Drift Beta at the beginning of the game.
  2. Hulking Fist – The first thing you will find when entering Junkpit.
  3. Hazard Blade – It’s in the room next to the After Kellunhelk boss fight (The Cracked Engineer). You do not need to spawn/fight the boss to get it.
  4. Painwheel – Six-Finger Woods, under the small spiky platforms you need to get across.
  5. Hypersledge – Finish Mutt’s entire quest line to get Hypersledge in Roslock Drift Gamma.
  6. Hudson Goodshot – Once you’ve completed Gili’s entire quest line, you will receive this weapon at the top of Sap-Stone.
  7. Blast Shield – It can be purchased from Bill’s Shop for 200 NanoGel.
  8. Dolly – It can be purchased from Mabec’s shop for 1500 NanoGel. You should defeat Dolly first, or the item won’t be unlocked in Mabec’s shop inventory.

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