Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Download for PCs, Switch, PS5, and Xbox

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action role-playing game that was developed by Natsume Atari and published by 505 Games this year. This is the first game in the Suikoden series and is often considered a spiritual successor. Whether you like action games or strategy ones, this game will have you engrossed in its world and characters.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Overview

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is originally a manga series about a young adventurer named CJ. The game looks similar to the manga series. In the game, you play as CJ, a teenage girl who comes to the town of New Nevaeh in search of adventure. As you advance through the story, you will unlock different dungeons.

While Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a 2D action platformer, it’s not a “Metroidvania” game, as some critics claim. Instead, it relies heavily on exploration, puzzle-solving, and backtracking. Although the combat isn’t a traditional RPG, it does improve as you unlock more characters and move up the difficulty curve. Overall, the game is a decent time-waster but doesn’t live up to the expectations of those who prefer the more challenging games.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Available Platforms

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is one of the perfect time-killers. If you are into anime series or manga, this game may be a great choice for you.

The game has a $14,99 price tag on stores, and it is available for PCs on Steam, for Nintendo Switch on Nintendo eShop, for PS4 and PS5 on PlayStation Store, for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on Xbox Store

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