Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Beginners Guide

Did you know that Digimon is the ancestor of Pokémon? This amazing franchise was created years before Pokémon and it is as popular as ever. If you are playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and want to enjoy a fast progression, then we have some tips for you.

We recommend following these tips and tricks to enjoy faster progression, which can boost your overall gaming experience. In addition to this, these will provide you with a better insight into the game and its logic. Now, let’s check these tips together!

Don’t Digivolve a Lot at the Beginning

It may be tempting to evolve your digimons as soon as possible and enjoy additional and more powerful skills. In fact, this is pretty practical and can increase the maximum levels of your digimons.

On the other hand, evolved digimons take more space in your party. This means that you are going to run out of room at your party quickly. It is not a favorable strategy, especially at the beginning.

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Boost Your Experience Earning with Tactician’s USB

If you equip platinumskamons with a tactician’s USB, you can enjoy the highest amount of experience from your battles. Thus, we recommend having one platinumskamon in your team and equipping its equipment slots with a tactician’s USB.

The platinum service SS skills of this Digimon increase the experience you gain from the battles. The tactician’s USB also serves the same purpose.

Understand the Leveling System

You will find digimons, which have a maximum level of 25. However, you will also learn that their next form unlocks at level 30. Well, this may be quite confusing for new players.

However, as you digivolve and de-digivolve your digimons, you can increase their maximum level cap. There is also CAM, which shows the sync of that particular Digimon with you and your team.

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Personality Determines the Enhanced Stats on the Farm

Each Digimon is unique and they have their own personalities. In general, you are going to send the digimons, which you are not going to use in your party, to the farm. As we stated in the title, the personalities of digimons affect their enhanced stats after they stay on the farm.

Here are the personalities and enhanced stats of digimons:

  • Searcher – Investigation / All Stats
  • Builder – Development / All Stats
  • Nimble – Speed
  • Brainy – Intelligence
  • Defender – Defense
  • Fighter – Attack
  • Lively – Spell Power
  • Durable – Health Points

Enjoy Cheap Healing at Digilab

Healing costs can be a burden as you take on battles. Thus, ensure that you always heal your digimons when you visit Digilab to evolve your digimons. Moreover, you can also learn where you need to go here to keep progressing in the story.

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Type is Much More Important than the Attributes of Your Digimons

Of course, Digimon‘s attributes are pretty important. However, Digimons have superiority against each other as well, and this is determined by their types. This is why you need to pay more attention to the type of your Digimon rather than its attributes.

Digivolve and De-Digivolve Often

You can digivolve and de-digivolve your digimons whenever you want unless you meet certain requirements, such as level. This may seem like a setback, especially after de-digivolving your digimons. However, it helps you to increase the maximum level of your Digimon, which makes it more powerful in the long run.

Moreover, you also need these mechanics to help your Digimon reach its mega form.

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