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Developed by a solo developer, Chained Echoes is a game that takes place in a town where everything is ruined. This is where you will encounter various characters in order to solve different puzzles. Whether the good ones or the evil ones, this article will cover all the characters in Chained Echoes.

Matthias Linda, a German JRPG enthusiast who’s spent the past seven years programming the game, created Chained Echoes. His game has gained acclaim as a game that pays tribute to its inspirations. There are a couple of playable and non-playable characters in this 16-bit SNES-style RPG title.

The game features a large cast of characters, each of whom has a storyline. They can join your party to assist you with your quest. Each character has its own set of skills that can be activated during battle.

Players can switch out their characters during battles. This feature makes it possible to use different characters and make sure that they don’t waste their skill points.

When you recruit a new character, they’ll have their own set of skills. You’ll need to make sure that you build up their skill levels before using them in battle. Also, you can assign crystals to their equipment. These crystals allow you to learn new skills.

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Chained Echoes Characters List

Chained Echoes has an expansive world to explore. The environments are well-designed, and the nooks and crannies in them invite exploration. And such a big environment requires a big crew of characters as well.

The cast of characters is diverse and interesting. Each has a backstory; you can even recruit characters to join your squad. Here’s the complete character list for Chained Echoes:

  • Robb: A character with a really cruel and cold personality.
  • Egyl: An early tank company in the game
  • Magnolia: A skilled magician.
  • Raphael: A brave tank.
  • Tomke: He uses his Spinach Power to grant buffs to his allies.
  • Amalia: A gun-wielding princess
  • Glenn: Glenn is the protagonist of the game
  • Lenne: An average elemental mage who conceals her princess identity.
  • Ba’Thraz: A mercenary in the game
  • Victor: He’s a healer and uses his rapier sometimes.
  • Mikah: The second dangerous assassin after Sienna
  • Sienna: A dangerous assassin

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