Blight: Survival Release Date and More

Developed by Icelandic company Haenir Studios, Blight: Survival is a new co-op adventure game set during the Hundred Years’ War. Blight: Survival is a medieval-themed adventure rogue-lite. It is set in 14th-century Europe and features zombies and other monsters.

The game is described as a “gruesome mix of Dark Souls and Mordhau” with “lovingly crafted animation.” It is being developed by Haenir Studio and will use the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.

As with any title in the zombie genre, surviving the game will take some strategic thinking on your part. You’ll need to make use of the available resources, including coins, to keep the undead at bay. The game also requires you to take a few risks, such as getting caught in the open and suckered by many zombies. Luckily, the developers have given you the tools to fight off these monsters and make your way to safety.

Blight Survival First Impressions

While you’ll need the patience to get through Blight Survival, the rewards will be well worth the wait. It’s a game with some interesting pacing that will challenge your ability to think on your feet. It’s also a game you don’t want to miss. This is especially true if you like zombies.

Despite its relative tardiness, Blight: Survival has already amassed a respectable cult following. This is a good thing for developers since it means the quality of the game is of a high enough standard that a shady producer won’t be able to lay hands on a copy.

Blight Survival Release Date and More ss

Blight: Survival Gameplay

Until recently, Blight: Survival gameplay revealed little about what the game is actually like. The trailer did not give us much insight, but it did give us a deep look at the lore. It also showed us some action footage, which was pretty impressive.

The gameplay revolves around a mix of realism and suspension of disbelief. Players must balance defense and offense to survive. They can also scavenge fallen enemies for items such as weapons and armor.

Blight: Survival also features a stamina system, which adds another layer of difficulty to fights. The developers note that the footage in the trailer is from pre-alpha and is subject to change. However, they are working on adding more weapons to the game.

Blight: Survival also features a large open world where players can explore. In this open world, players can take out zombies, claim outposts for their own, and purify the blighted areas. There is also a mystery quest to complete. This is a very intriguing concept that will keep action RPG fans intrigued.

The trailer also showed off medieval weaponry, including the knight’s shield that repeatedly slammed into the zombie’s skull. It also showed us grapples and shoulder tackles.

Blight: Survival Release Date

Blight: Survival doesn’t currently have a release date; however, it is expected to be released for PC sometime in Q3 2023 or even 2024.

For now, there is no information about the game’s console release, but when we start to play Blight: Survival on our PCs, there is a possibility that the developer of the game develops the game for consoles.

All in all, the game is still in development and we’ll see more in the future. But you can follow the game by adding it to your wishlist on Steam.

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