Zero Sievert Map Guide – The Forest and The Mall

This Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide will tell you what you need to know to stay alive in the Forest, the first area you can explore in the game, and the Mall.

Zero Sievert is a game set in the not-so-distant future in a post-apocalyptic region of Eastern Europe. This is a game where you get to use a gun in a safe haven, but the real action happens when you venture into the apocalyptic wasteland. There are a couple of different environments, like the Forest and the Mall, where you can fight enemies to find and unlock new items and upgrade your gear in Zero Sievert.

Players can fight enemies and bandits and loot various items. Some of these items can be used to upgrade the base of operations. Others can be sold or traded for money. 

As players complete missions, they can earn a reputation and better gear. Some of the items they can sell include raw meat, technology, and pelts.

Zero Sievert The Forest Map

As you progress, you will be able to unlock more areas to explore. One of the main areas is the Forest

In the Forest, you’ll find various monsters, many buildings, and industrial sites. You can also find various items throughout the Forest, and you can craft them if you want or sell them for money. One of the most popular items to sell is raw meat.

At some point, the hunter must leave the bunker complex and explore the Broken World. Bandits, mutants, and wild animals are in the Forest and other rough areas. Wolves are a type of animal that are territorial and will attack anyone who encounters them.

Zero Sievert The Forest Map

The Forest Enemies in Zero Sievert

Here are the enemies you’ll meet in the Zero Sievert Forest.


Bandits are usually near Bandit Camps, but if they are in a fight, they can sometimes wander away. They are always armed, and if you don’t use cover, it can be hard to fight them.


Most of the people in the Town are ghouls. You can easily kill them if you shoot them one by one from a safe distance.


Lazar is a Bandit who has a fully automatic weapon and a lot of weapons. If you kill him, you’ll get some nice stuff and the key to the police station.

Lazar’s Guards

Lazar’s Guards are Lazar’s personal bodyguards. Even though they don’t have as many weapons, they can still hurt you a lot if you’re not careful.


Wolves usually travel in groups of at least four. They will chase you as soon as they see you. If you see them getting close, listen for a howl and get ready for a fight.

Zero Sievert The Mall Map

One of the most feared locations in Zero Sievert is the Mall since it is packed with bandits and mutants. So, you may want to consider other ways to survive this post apocalyptic landscape. If you’re willing to put in the effort to find a way out and lucky enough, you may be able to avoid being eaten alive.

For the most part, the Mall is filled with bandits and mutants. They normally travel in groups of three or more. Some of these bands have their own boss, like the Kibba. His arsenal is formidable, including a PRK-16.

Zero Sievert The Mall Map

The Mall Enemies in Zero Sievert

Here are the enemies you’ll face in the Mall.


Bandits guard the Warehouse and can sometimes be found in Bandit Camps outside the Mall. But they are much more common in the Mall itself. They usually move in groups of two or three.


The Big is a huge creature whose head has a huge mouth. On older maps, you might have only met one Big at a time. Now, if you’re unlucky, you might have to fight 2–4 of them at once. There are easily 6–12 of them running around the Mall and the Mall Basement.


There are a few Blinks outside the Mall, but most of them are in the Basement of the Mall. These animals are big, move quickly, and hit hard.


In the area outside of the Mall, Boars tend to travel in groups, which is different from other maps. Make sure your magazine has enough bullets to kill all of them, or you will be in a lot of trouble.


Hunters are much more likely to pull the trigger in the Mall map, which makes sense given how many scary things live in this huge building.


Large groups of ghouls can be found in the Parking Lot outside the Mall. Inside, you can find many, many more all over the Mall.


Like everywhere else, Infestations will keep making Ghouls until you kill them. Always destroy them first, because you don’t want to be overrun!


Kibba is a tough fighter who fights alone. His black helmet has two white stripes that run vertically. He has a PRK 16 that has been heavily changed and, more importantly, the Key to the Gun Store.

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