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Soulstice is a hack-and-slash title where you take control of a character named Briar. Here is a quick Soulstice review.

Soulstice is a combination of hack-and-slash action and RPG elements. It starts with a great battle where you fight hordes of enemies on a platform that keeps falling. After the climax, the game’s heat goes down a little bit and flashes back to when the protagonists, Briar and Lute, were living in the city of Ilden, which was destroyed by a tear in the sky.

Soulstice‘s setting and presentation are unique and reminiscent of an anime film. The game’s combat is also challenging and requires a skilled player to succeed. We should also mention that both presentation and voice acting are excellent. 

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Gameplay Features Different From Bayonetta Series

Even though Soulstice is a lot like the first Souls game and the Bayonetta series (especially in terms of the story), its gameplay is very different from these games.

Its gameplay takes its cues from Nier: Automata, and it’s possible to chain heavy and light attack combos and launch enemies into the air with your abilities. You can also use the Lute and Briar to dash around the ground and in mid-air. These two sisters can both be useful in challenging enemies and disrupting them.

There are numerous different kinds of enemies in Soulstice, which makes players try different approaches to their fights. The game’s recurring enemies include possessed creatures and wraiths. It also takes parts from other games, such as the Devil May Cry and the God of War series. The game’s anime-like storyline is engaging, and the characters are interesting to play with.

The game requires you to build your own melee combat skills. Try to build your own gameplay based on your needs while playing. Once you see two players playing this game, you can see the difference between a good and bad player. 

Besides all these positives, Soulstice does not give you the best camera angles and positioning during the fights, unfortunately. Sudden changes in camera angles may disrupt your fight and cause you to lose the entire fight, which may ruin your gaming mood.

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There Are a Variety of Items in Soulstice

In Soulstice, you can collect a wide variety of items that will improve your character. Each item has a different proficiency, which means it will be more effective against certain types of enemies. 

For example, gloves will lower enemy armor. You can buy these things with red currency, and they can help you get through hard times. We could say that these features are not new in the gaming industry, and there are no innovative things in the game, but the gameplay is still promising.

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Soulstice is now available on Steam for PCs, on the PS Store for the PlayStation 5, and on the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X and Series S. If you like the game, you can purchase it from your store and discover more about Soulstice on IndieWod, like the Soulstice weapons guide.

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