Souls of Chronos Ending

A recent RPG title, Souls of Chronos, is another example of a game with multiple endings, and this article will tell you more about these endings.

Souls of Chronos takes place fifteen years after an apocalyptic event. It follows a boy named Sid who finds himself in the harbor town of Astella with a girl by his side, Torii. The two of them are bonded by a Chronus, which has the power to manipulate time through its ties with a Linked person. The Chronus’ powers are limited to its ties with the Linked, but it has the potential to become the most powerful creature in the world as it grows stronger. Ultimately, Sid and Torii have to fight for their hometown of Astella as it becomes the center of conflict between multiple factions.

Aside from the main story, you’ll find plenty of optional missions in Souls of Chronos to help flesh out the narrative. These range from building out support characters’ stories to directly impacting how the game ends, and they’re all worthwhile endeavors.

How many endings are there in Souls of Chronos?

Souls of Chronos‘s endings aren’t hard to come by, with multiple possibilities triggered by beating the game. A few of these are available your first time, while others require some planning and effort. There are four endings in Souls of Chronos, but given the game’s short length and the fact that the game is built on a few key choices rather than a lot of choices padding things out, it’s not a chore to revisit and see what you missed.

Souls of Chronos is a tribute to classic isometric JRPGs, offering a slew of intertwined events that shape the fate of Astella and lead to one of four endings. The boy and his “Chronus” companion intertwine with one another through five chapters to reveal the full extent of their powers and influence Astella’s future.

If you haven’t heard of the game before, we remind you that Souls of Chronos was released on February 14, 2023, for PCs on Steam, Nintendo Switch on Nintendo Store, and PlayStation 5 on PS Store.

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