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In the dark fantasy tactical RPG Redemption Reapers, you play as a member of the Ashen Hawk Brigade. Besides you, there are several characters in the Ashen Hawk Brigade, and this article will cover all of them for you.

Redemption Reapers is a tactical RPG that puts you in the shoes of five characters from a team of mercenaries known as the Ashen Hawk Brigade. The team is fighting against a horde of zombie-like creatures called the Mort in a dark fantasy setting. These creatures are tearing through realms, killing civilians, and burning down towns in their relentless quest to destroy the world.

Each member of the Ashen Hawk Brigade has a different set of skills and weapons which they can use in combat. You can upgrade these skills to make them more effective and unlock new ones as you level up.

The cast of characters in Redemption Reapers is quite diverse, each with a unique backstory and story. The main protagonist, Sarah, is a mercenary who leads the group (Ashen Hawk Brigade). Her teammates include Glenn, a knight captain; Lugh, an assassin; Urs, a barbarian; and Karren, a hunter.

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Redemption Reapers Tier List

TierCharacter’s NameDescription
SRowenA man who serves as the leader of the Ashen Hawk Brigade. Contrary to his stern appearance, he does not lack attention to detail and is deeply trusted by his subordinates.
SSociusThe deputy commander of the Ashen Hawk Brigade who displays his sharpness every day as Rowan’s right hand. His relationship with Rowan is the oldest among the Hawks, and their bond is strong.
ASarahA warrior who fights as a member of the Ashen Hawk Brigade. She lives burdened by regrets of a certain battle fought by the Hawks in the past, and maybe that is why she always puts her own life on the line during the battles. Her weapon of choice is two daggers.
ALughA veteran spearman and member of the Ashen Hawk Brigade. He has red hair and wears a wide-brimmed hat and a mask.
AGlennA swordsman who serves as the leader of Sarah’s unit in the Ashen Hawk Brigade.
BLevanteA general who serves the now-destroyed Kingdom of Caledaecia, he is known as the “Tiger of Caledaecia”. 
BUrsA gigantic man of the Ashen Hawk Brigade who wields a giant axe. During battles, he willingly stands in the vanguard and serves as a shield for his allies.
CKarenA female archer, a member of the Ashen Hawk Brigade. She has a refreshing temperament and is easy to get along with. The only thing she does not like is being confronted by her own past.
DLorthosA man dispatches by the great nation of Luden in order to understand the situation of the Mort invasions.
DNakiA boy who lived in Inissa Village in the Bishu region. When his hometown was destroyed by the Mort, he came to the Hawks’ Nest under the protection of Sarah and the others.

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