Best Thymesia Weapons You Can Equip

We have compiled the 10 best Thymesia weapons for you to enjoy your game more! We assure you that everyone will find an amazing weapon here depending on their game style!

Thymesia is one of the amazing games that challenge you with its original monsters and bosses. In addition, the game offers a wide range of weapons for players to customize their combat style.

If you wonder what the best Thymesia weapons are that you can equip, here is the list we have compiled for you!

Best Thymesia Weapons You Can Equip Blood Storm

Blood Storm

Blood Storm provides 200 additional HP to players but requires lots of energy to activate. If you are planning to play an energy-build character in the game, then Blood Storm should be your priority.

Fool’s Punch

Fool’s Punch requires you to master its use, but once you get used to it, you can be quite deadly in seconds. It is an ideal choice for players who love to play melee combat.

Blood Blade

Blood Blade enhances your spells by letting you sacrifice some of your health. It also offers a cumulative boost, which is ideal for fights that take longer than usual.


Unlike in other games, the greatsword in Thymesia is pretty fast and deals a great deal of damage. If you love to deal exceptional damage in a short time, then this should be your choice.

Best Thymesia Weapons You Can Equip Hand Axe

Hand Axe

Hand Axe can be a great weapon to use in your mid and late game. It provides great swiftness to players without the need to give up on their damaged output.


Although a shield is not an offensive weapon, it can be quite handy in many encounters. You can literally intercept all kinds of attacks in the game and then smash your enemies with your shield.

Charged Claw

Charged Claw is a great secondary weapon that can rip your wounded enemies apart. Thus, you may want to use it after you weaken your enemies with other weapons on this list.


Scythe offers a visual feast to players while dealing moderate damage. What makes it special is its life-steal ability.

Best Thymesia Weapons You Can Equip Bow


Of course, a bow should be your first choice if you want to keep a distance between you and your enemies. It can be quite deadly but considering that Thymesia focuses on melee combat mechanics mostly, you can just have fun with it from time to time.


Halberd is the best weapon you can enjoy in the early game, but you will have to switch to other alternatives as you keep progressing in the game.

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